Toll Road Authority calls Car Dealer Ad Deceptive

It seemed like a good gimmick… but the Harris County Toll Raod Authority just didn’t agree.

Take a look at the ad one Woodlands homeowner received from a Tomball car dealership in the mail.

The only problem… there was no EZ Tag even though the envelope clearly says one is enclosed.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority says it had its attorney send a cease and desist letter to Tomball Ford and the marketing company that created the EZ Tag promotion. HCTRA says Tropacaval Media infringed on its trademark and violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

HCTRA says both the car dealer and the marketing company sent a letter agreeing to stop sending the ad at the end of September. How convenient… since the letter says “The program will end on September 30, 2008.”

It’s not the first time this car dealer has gone a little too far to try and get customers in  the door.

In 2006, we told you how Tomball Ford sent out what appeared to be “important recall notices.”  When consumers opened the envelope, an ad inside read “Did you recall that this is Tomball Truck  month?”

In May, Lawrence Marsall in Hempstead mailed out what looked like checks as part of the economic stimulus plan. The envelope’s return address said “Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.”  The IRS sent that dealership a cease and desist letter claiming there is statute that prohibits the misuse of the IRS seal.


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