Is that Fax Legit?


Karen emailed me when she received the fax above at her office.

I do not have Health Insurance because I can not afford it.  My question is, are either of the attached offers legitimate?  I called one of them one day and asked for their web-site.  There was no web-site.  I get these faxed to my office every week.  I so wish one of them was legit, because I could afford it.  Please take the time to investigate these no.’s.

I called the Texas Department of Insurance. They actually have an Advertising Department  that investigates these kinds of faxes and ads. You can send them an ad or fax and they’ll check it out. I sent the one above. They actually said they are  familiar with this one.

Here are some things TDI investigators say you should be able to glean immediately from an ad. If you can’t answer the following questions, it’s probably not legitimate.

  • Who or what company is offering the product? (TDI requires that the name of the underwriting company appear on  the fax).
  • Is it a Healthcare discount program or insurance? (Both are regulated by TDI).
  •  Typically consumers are required to join some sort of association or pay a monthly fee to get the advertised rate. All fees should be disclosed on the fax. If they tell you about one when you call that was not clear on the fax, just hang up.
  • Does it claim this is a “Limited Time Enrollment?”  (Don’t let anyone rush you into a purchase).

You can call the TDI Consumer helpline if you have any questions about a company or if you have an ad you’d like them to check out. The number is 1-800-252-3439.

You can also file an online complaint.


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  1. This is only semi-related. Last December I hunted around for Texas individual health insurance and wrote a blog post about how to buy individual health insurance. To summarize: Go to and price around there. (I define many of the terms on my blog post and give you questions to ask).

    It’s extremely hard to find reliable information about how to buy health insurance these days. Faxes like this exploit this fact.

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