Did Macy’s Charge you twice?


Check your debit card statement if you shopped at Macy’s on Decemder 20th. At least one news source is reporting the department store inadvertently double-dipped into the  bank accounts of a “small number of customers” in several states including Texas. 

Here’s the full article:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Macy’s Inc said a small number of customers using debit cards may have been charged more than once for purchases made on December 20 due to a system issue that has been fixed.


The U.S. department store chain said the problem lasted just under two hours on December 20 at stores in its central and east divisions, which include states from Maine to Texas.


Macy’s said “a small number of customers” were impacted.


The system problem fell on one of the busiest days of the holiday shopping season, the Saturday before Christmas, known as “Super Saturday” in the retail industry.


Macy’s said it has spoken with customers’ banks, which will credit customers’ accounts.


Shares of Macy’s, which runs more than 810 Macy’s stores and also operates the Bloomingdale’s chain, were up 5 percent at $10.87 in afternoon trading.


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