Don’t be like Bill.

Bill Young fell for a job scam. And he was kind enough to share his story so that you don’t make the same mistake he did.

Here is his email:

I went to what I thought was a legit site for USPS jobs. I was informed when I called their number, on 11-12-08,of the many jobs that was available in the Cypress area and how they would help me apply. Frank said he would send out the pre test manual, pre test forms and sample application and it would take 5-10 days to arrive. He said the cost was $119.90 for the shipping and cost of the manual etc. After paying the $119.90 on 11/12/08 for the pre test training and info I waited the 5-10 days for the material. It didn’t show until 12/02-08 and isn’t what was advertised.

I went to the post office at Cypress and inquired about the application forms that was referred to in the literature. They informed me that all applications were on line  and no paper applications were being used.  I find out the post office knows of false  sites  as they referred me to the  real USPS site  where it mentions that there are false sites and that the USPS doesn’t charge a fee for their information.

There are no postal jobs  available in this area according to the Post Master and it will be after Jan 09 before any will be possibly posted. So much for the many jobs available that the false site mentioned.

Too late to save  my $119.90 but perhaps you can help others in my position who are without employment and being taken advantage of.


Bill Young

Here is that phony job posting.   It’s 7:43pm and my contact the USPS is not working now, but I’m emailing him now to find out why the USPS can’t do anything about this group misrepresenting itself as the Postal Service. Check back here for an update tomorrow.

Update: 12/10/08

I received the following reply from a U.S. Postal Inspector here in Houston:

Ms. Davis,

The US Postal Inspection Service does investigate Employment Fraud.  Attached is something that maybe you can share with your viewers.

U.S. Postal Inspection Service


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