Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing? Google It!

My niece’s second birthday party was cancelled last weekend because she and her mom were sick. Two weeks ago so many people called in sick at the station, it looked like a holiday in our newsroom.

Google must have noticed something going around. It just started this new site to track Flu Trends. Kind of cool, even if it won’t help you feel any better any faster


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  1. Ms. Davis,

    Although different from the trend site you mentioned, another neat site that many people might not be aware of is (side note: I do not work there, but my brother does!)

    It’s one of the best medical sites for learning about different illnesses and diseases – very factual (complete with photographs) and not as “frightening” as some of the other sites out there. You can even work backwards through the symptom checker to narrow down different possibilities – and although it’s obviously not the same thing as seeing a physician – it IS very interesting!

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