A Sign of the Times

With the economy in a freefall and prices shooting skyward, we’re all looking to make a few extra bucks… or save a few.. wher ever we can.

That’s why KPRC Local 2 Sports Reporter/ Producer Winston Dutchin’s new enterprise is so ingenious. He’s selling snacks… candy bars, chips and pretezels… right at his desk. He makes some extra cash… and everyone in the newsroom can save not only a trip to the “KPRC Local 2 Severe Snacking Center,” (yes, that is actually the real name of our break room) it also saves us 10 cents for every transaction.

You see, Dutchin is undercutting the vending machines. I love it… and so does my arse apparently. Today I bought a Twix and Baked Doritos.


One Response

  1. Amy,

    I’m sure your arse is fine. In fact, The Today Show had a female undergarment on it yesterday designed to make your butt “pop”. Technically speaking, you’re right in style, girlfriend.

    It’s Winston I’m worried about…

    Keep up the great work! I love both your informative AND humorous stuff!

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