Ode to Rocky

Thousands of you may have missed it. It was September 19th. 1.04 million people were still without electricity, including 94 year-old Frank Shupak.  You can watch our story at this link: Frank gets power!

We pulled up to Shupak’s home in Shady Acres between Ella and Durham at about 11am. We didn’t leave until after 7pm to insure his lights were back on. During those 8 hours, photographer Brandon Martin and I learned a lot about Frank.

He lived alone with his 18 year-old cat Rocky. At one time, Frank joked (we think it was a joke) that he told his family when he dies, he wanted them to put Rocky to sleep and bury the cat with him.

Sadly, Rocky died last night. Our thoughts are with Frank.


One Response

  1. I can’t thank Channel 2 and Amy enough for helping Frank out after the hurricane. Frank hasn’t seen the stories yet. So we’re going to watch the computer videos at my house this evening. Another neighbor dropped by Frank’s house yesterday for a visit and Frank told him about Rocky. Well, guess who’s getting a new little furry buddy to keep him company on the porch!!! Life is good in Shady Acres!

    Thanks again, Amy!

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