Credits and Fees Waived because of Hurricane Ike

  Through Sept. 30th, Reliant Energy is offering the following to all customers in the CenterPoint and Texas New Mexico Power Service areas:

·          Assistance with bill payments, including extensions, payment plans and average billing, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

·          Suspension of late fees and disconnections for nonpayment.

If you live in one of the following zip codes, you are eligible for the above help through November 1st: 77014, 77027, 77058, 77068, 77069, 77070, 77073, 77090, 77379, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77388, 77389,77422, 77507, 77510, 77515, 77517, 77518, 77523, 77531, 77534, 77535, 77536, 77539, 77541, 77546, 77550, 77551, 77554 ,77563, 77565, 77566, 77568, 77571, 77573, 77577, 77578, 77586, 77590, 77591, 77598

Reliant has also extended its voluntary moratorium on disconnection of electric service through November 1 for low-income seniors, critical-care, and other low-income residential customers who contact Reliant and agree to a payment plan.

Customers who are relocating and provide proof of benefits from FEMA, state or local government, or the Red Cross can pay their deposit in two installments through November 1.

In addition, Reliant continues to take calls from members of the community who need to report conditions related to electricity service at their home or business and is conveying that information to CenterPoint Energy. Reliant Energy agents are available 24 hours a day at 713-207-7777

During this time of need, TXU Energy is assisting customers affected by Hurricane Ike by:

Ø      Extending payment due dates;

Ø      Allowing customers to pay 25 percent on the total amount due and defer the balance over five installments;

Ø      Extending special summer customer protections for low-income, the ill and disabled and those age 62 or above in affected areas.  The special summer customer protections – which declared a moratorium on disconnections and provided more flexible payment plans – were scheduled to end September 30;

Ø      Waiving late fees;

Ø      Allowing new customers to pay deposits in two installments;

To take advantage of this assistance, TXU Energy customers affected by the storm must call 1-866-CALL-TXU.  The assistance is available at least through November 1.

 We understand that some of our customers may be experiencing financial difficulties and/or issues with the mail or internet access that may impact their ability to pay their bills on time. We are temporarily suspending late fees and extending a deferred payment plan to customers who call in and tell us that they are affected by Hurricane Ike. For the deferred payment plan, the customer must make a down payment of 25 percent and then pay the remaining balance over three months. Customers are encouraged to call 866-785-4668 (M-F 8 am – 8 pm) to discuss their circumstances with a Green Mountain Customer Care representative.

CenterPoint Energy’s natural gas customers affected by Ike will not receive late notices and late fees will be waived, said spokeswoman Leticia Lowe.
In addition, the utility will also waive security deposits for customers displaced by the storm, she said.




There are dozens of retail electric providers serving our area. If yours is not one of the 3 listed above, you should contact your electric company directly to find out if they are offering any assistance to customers affected by Ike.

American Express Hurricane Help

Compass Bank has waived access fees to its network of ATMs in Houston and other cities in Texas where it figures Houstonians fleeing the storm may need quick cash, said Thomas Graham, executive vice president of communications in Houston.
The bank also is allowing its small business and consumer customers to defer their loan payments, such as car and recreational vehicle loans. The deferral is up to 60 days depending on the customer’s individual circumstances.
Customers who need early access to their certificates of deposit can have them without paying early withdrawal fees, he said.

And late payments will be forgiven, he said.

Graham stressed – as did other service providers – the importance of giving notice that a payment will be late.



Sprint is waiving roaming fees, call-forwarding, late fees and overage charges for customers who use more minutes or text messages than they’re allowed between Sept. 9 and Oct. 11, said spokeswoman Kristin Wallace. The company is also offering free call-forwarding service and Sprint has suspended collections calls and service disconnections.

Allstate is offering deferred billing options, according to spokeswoman Kristen Beaman. The company will send affected customers a letter, but those who have been relocated can call their agent or 800-547-8676.

Time Warner Cable, which provides cable service for Beaumont and parts of Southeast Texas, has credited customers’ accounts back to Sept. 12 and will extend credits until service is restored in their neighborhood to the best of the company’s knowledge, said spokesman Gary Underwood.  The company will not charge customers for any digital equipment lost or damaged as a result of Hurricane Ike. 

(in-home equipment defined as; modems, digital receivers, remotes)

 Comcast is providing credits to customers whose service was interrupted.  Customers should call us at 1-800-COMCAST so we can ensure they receive credit for the amount of time they were without service.  For customers who prefer to send an email, they can do so by clicking on the Contact Us link on


We know our customers have been through a difficult time and want to work with each one based on their individual circumstances.  We’re asking that residents in the coastal areas whose homes were flooded or destroyed eventually return the leased equipment to one of our service centers – even if it’s damaged.  We’ll replace the converter box, modem or remote at no charge.  In the case where the equipment has been completely lost due to the storm, customers should file on their homeowners’ insurance policy at the same time that other household claims, such as appliances and other electronics, are filed.  These items will appear on their monthly statement, however, payment will not be required for at least 90 days, allowing adequate time to receive re-imbursement from their insurance carrier.  



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  1. Comcast is denying requests for credits sent in by e-mail as of 9/30/08.

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