I don’t like Ike

It’s 7:11am. I am sitting in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant at the corner of Old Spanish Trail and Ardmore. Photographer John Barone and I are trying to head to the Texas Medical Center to check out damage from the storm.  We first drove down 59 and exited Kirby. But high water there drove us back onto the freeway.  We’ve seen huge highway signs laying on the roadway, trees uprooted and split in Southwest Houston (especially Fondren and South Course Rd) and dangling powerlines and street lights, but we ran into the most frightening thing on HIghway 288. Flood waters.

We were driving through water (that we didn’t necessarily consider too high), when our Ford Exploer shuddered and then just shut down.  OK… it was pitch black at 4:24 in the morning. We called the station a little panicked.  What would we do? Another news trucks sent to rescue us would also get stuck if it drove all the way down 288. Fortunately, after a couple of tries, the old Explorer  sputtered and then started.

We’ve been waiting for daylight since so that we can actually see where we are driving.


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  1. DId John Barone go to Spring Woods HS?

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