New Reliant Commercials… my new pet peeve

OK.. before I begin, let me just say I’ve got nothing against Reliant Energy. The energy they sell works just as well as the power you can buy from any other electric company in the area. But Reliant’s new ad campaign is trying to convince you that you should choose them… not because they have lower rates or better service, but because their employees are just so darned sweet!

“Angie” was the first employee Reliant rolled out. She’s got a big smile and a southern accent- which automatically makes her a good person. She is very likeable.  But what really bothered me after about the 30th time of listening to the spot… are all of the cliches.  Watch the commercial by clicking here.  How many cliches can you count in 32 seconds? (Don’t cheat by reading below before you watch the ad!)

Angie’s Cliches:

  1. Everyone has a story.
  2. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  3. Just depends on what’s best for you.

But apparently, it wasn’t the cliches that caused Reliant to have to re-edit the spot after it had already hit air. The one at the link above is different than the one that is airing on TV now. It’s a subtle difference.  But if you are the first person to email (no later than Monday) with the right answer, I’ll give you a “shout out” on TV.

Watch for the winner and the correct answer here.


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