Diamond Class Action Update

 Back in Jan, I blogged about a Diamond Class Action Lawsuit where consumers    could get money if they purchased a diamond in a certain time period.

Robert emailed, asking for an update:

I have not heard anymore from either the Texas Attorney General or local & national news regarding the Diamond Settlement case. I did read a small article within the CNN business where a final approval of the case was signed in June. Do you have any news on this? This is a lost case that will go on for years to come?

Robert’s email reminded me to check in with the law firm.  I sent an email and got this reply this morning:

The Fairness Hearing was held on April 14, 2008.  Judge Chesler issued an order approving the Settlement on May 27, 2008.  These documents are posted on the “Other Settlement Documents” page at the website http://www.diamondsclassaction.com. Several appeals have since been filed contesting final approval of the Settlement, and these appeals will postpone resolution of the issues in this case.  No payments will be mailed on eligible claims until all appeals are resolved.  It is uncertain how long these appeals could take to resolve, and the timing of any appeal resolution is not within our control.

Diamonds Claims Administrator




6 Responses

  1. Is there any further update – could you check into it?

  2. I’m also curious what the update is. How long do these appeals usually last?

  3. I’m also waiting for a respone,I sent my claim on Jan 26 2008.Will this be resolved soon?

  4. Wondering when we will see payment? What is status?

  5. I’m still waiting! Are the appeals still going on? Will they remember us little people when it is finally resolved??

  6. What is the current status?

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