It’s a Retirement Home for your Cell Phone… that pays you!

In today’s “Ask Amy” at 4pm, we’re talking about how cell phone companies handle customer complaints of bad reception in certain areas of town.

If you’re just plain tired of your phone, for whatever reason, and it’s past the 30 day return period, you can sell it online at Cell for Cash.  Our 10 pm producer passed along the link. She told me she sold her old phone and got $20.  If “Cell for Cash” wants your old phone (some are just too old for their liking- they won’t pay you, but they will recycle these for free), they send you the packing envelope with postage already paid.

I checked out an “LG Chocolate” phone I got for my birthday last year. It was so cute… it just wasn’t good for talking.  I ended up selling it on Ebay for at least $60. “Cell for Cash” shows I could get $26.  But there’s no haggling and no selling fees.  

 Gazelle pays cash for other electronics like laptops and video cameras.

Whatever you do… you should recycle your old phones and electronics.  Don’t just throw them in a drawer when someone else can get good use out of them.


One Response

  1. Just watched your segment on the guy who didn’t get good reception from his neighborhood. There is another alternative as well, Cell Phone Signal Extenders, such as this one from; I had one friend who was on the bottom floor of his apt. complex and he bought one from one of the local stores. Never had a problem with reception after that. Minimal installation is required though. Just thought I’d pass that along.


    Mark T. in Katy

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