OrangeGlo Product leaves a Haze

Andrea says after using OrangeGlo’s Cleaner & Polisher. her hardwood floors looked nothing like the ones in the Orange Glo ad.

“For the first time ever, the floors looked TERRIBLE after my housekeeper cleaned. They were streaked with a milky residue. She returned today, and I asked her to go back to using Murphy’s Oil Soap and water. She tried it, but when she mopped the floors, they looked even WORSE. At that point, I got on the internet and googled Orange Glo Hardwood Cleaner. To my dismay, I read review after review of complaints and warnings from people who experienced the same problem.”

After reading the complaints it’s clear, this is not an isolated problem. The issue is with a product called OrangeGlo Cleaner & Polish.  It is one of 2 bottles in OrangeGlo’s Hardwood Cleaner Kit.

I called Church & Dwight, the parent company of OrangeGlo. Church & Dwight actually bought OrangeGlo in July 2006. Spokesperson Karen Patrick told me they are aware of the complaints and that shortly after C&D acquired OrangeGlo, they “recognized that some directions needed to be clarified.”

A few possible explanations she gave for the haze consumers are seeing:

  • “Often times consumers are using a dirty mop.”
  • If you use the Cleaner & Polisher with an oil (before or after), you’ll see a haze because the OrangeGlo product doesn’t adhere to oil.  

Church & Dwight has made absolutely no modifications to the actual product, but it did change the directions from a 3-step process to 4-steps. And you should know, they changed the name of the “OrangeGlo Cleaner & Polisher” to the “OrangeGlo 2 in 1 Clean & Shine.”

Also, if this hazy experience happens to you with this product, Andrea says the only thing that got her floors shining again was Windex.  Who’d have thought of that?



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