A Modern Day Grab Bag

Do you remember grab bags fom when you were a child? You could go into a store and buy a brown paper bag, usually stapled shut, simply to find out what was inside.  It might be jacks, temporary tattoos or bubble gum.  You didn’t really pay the quarter for the product, but for the mystery of getting to the bottom of the bag.

Now, there’s a modern day online grab bag of sorts for adults. It’s called the “Bag o’ Crap.” I’m not kidding. People actually pay $1 (plus $5 for shipping) for a bag. You don’t know what’s inside.  But some bags in the past, offered by the website Woot, have contained Playstations and all kinds of pricey gadgets.  Apparently the bags are only offered sporadically and they sell out lightning fast. There’s a whole Woot Bag o’ Crap following and a website dedicated to the items people have received in their bags.

One guy posted this YouTube video of him opening his bag (er.. it appears to be a box).

Can’t contain your excitement? There’s more. Anticipation is in the air at my house. My husband has successfully ordered his bag o’ crap. It’s scheduled to arrive this week.  Chcek back here for an update on what we find in the bag.


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