Online Loans & other internet scams

Esther Canales went online to get money… but she ended up giving it instead.  She wrote the email below explainng how she lost $880.

“I applied online for a personal loan for $5000.00, the next day a Jonathan Flemming the Senior Loan Officer called and said that I was approved for the loan, but I had to pay 4 months worth of payments upfront which totaled $880.00.

He said that I needed to moneygram the money to Brooks, Canada to a Mary Halstead
and that by 5pm the next day I should have the $5000.00 Fed Ex to my work address.

The next day there was NO money and NO FED EX .”



Canales says she did talk with managers at the loan company. She says they only told her she needed to send more money to get that loan.

I told Canales she should file a complaint with the Internet Crimes Complaint Center. The agency is made up of investigators from several local and federal law enforcement agencies who specialize in internet crimes. You’ll find info. on how to file a complaint and a list of common Internet Crime Schemes.  





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