The PUC answers your questions about National Power Company

Many of you who were switched to a POLR (Provider of Last Resort) after National Power Company went out of business have a lot of questions and concerns.  I took all of the questions you asked me to Public Utility Spokesman Terry Hadley.   I asked and he answered. Read it here:

Amy: So if customers have a one year contract with National Power Company, can NPC charge them for switching companies now as the contract states?

Hadley: Since National is leaving the market, former customers are not responsible for the fee. Customers should file a complaint with the PUC if the company attempts to collect.

Amy:  Consumers are telling me that most companies they want to switch to tell them it takes 35-45 days to switch. Is there anything that will speed up that time for these customers? They don’t want a June bill at the highest kilowatt rates. I know one customer told me Stream told them it’s standard that it takes them 45 days to switch customers over.

Hadley: An ERCOT representative said a switch could happen within four business days. This would require a waiver of the customer notification process designed to prevent slamming and give the customers a “cooling off” period. REP call center personnel should know about the ability to offer this waiver, especially to POLR customers. As you know, not all customer service people know all the rules all the time. So, it could be helpful if the customer asks, ”How soon can I get switched, and I am willing to waive the customer notification process in order to receive the lower-cost service faster.

Amy: A couple of NPC customers told me they had to put down a processing fee or deposit with NPC when they signed on. They’d like to know if they will get that back. If so, how? Can the PUC help?

Hadley: PUC rules require the deposit to be returned within seven days. If that doesn’t happen, file a complaint with the PUC.

You can file  a complaint with the PUC online.  You can also call the Customer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-621-0508. 



3 Responses

  1. Just received what I assume is my final bill from National Power. They charged me for ALL service rendered from the start of my contract. In addition, they have a special $7.25 meter read fee that was not on the previous bill.

    I had to pay $18 to YEP for an “out of cycle meter read”, so I don’t know why National Power is charging me for a meter read.

    I have not received any notices from National Power or info on who my mysterious PoLR is or what they charge. However, I have received several offers from other companies offering to take me away from my costly PoLR, whoever that is!

    When will the beatings stop?

  2. I’m with Riverway and am supposed to be switched to a POLR soon, but I found another REP with a decent rate. I learned that the quickest way to change REPs (especially if with a POLR) is to have the new REP initiate a “move-in”, NOT a “switch”. I’ve seen the term “switch” incorporated with a 3-5 day turnaround, but only “move-ins” can go that quickly. A true switch normally takes 30-45 days, and an expedited switch (meaning off-cycle meter read and/or waived ERCOT notification) only shortens the process to 20-30 days which is too long, especially during summer months. To reiterate, if on a POLR, always request a *move-in*, NOT a switch.

    Lastly, the move-in may involve a higher TDSP meter-read fee ($18 from Oncor/TXU in Dallas), but it’s worth it to avoid 20-35 cents/kWh from a POLR.

  3. National Power are a bunch of scammers, I was dropped to POLR, switched to another company but got stuck with $200 bill! for only 10 days! with POLR. Another thing that is upsetting to me is that National Power is giving me a hard time on getting my security deposit of $250 since May! It is now July and still have to battle them. Finally get word from there so called accounting states I am owed only$198 due to fees and service, I am like what the! I just paid the final bill and should not have any more service fees etc. I have filed a complaint with PUC, lets see what good that does. Ah this is so frustrating everyone out to rob us, De-regulation is a joke.

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