Would you want this in your backyard?

Chris Ball emailed when he came home from work one day to find this!

His neighbor apparently had a power surge that knocked out his electricity. In order to temporarily restore power, CenterPoint says it had to drape these cords across his and 4 other neighbor’s yards. 

Chris wrote:

“Centerpoint, when contacted, said that the neighbor had to pay to have the power cord buried into the easement in my backyard…and that he has 30 days in which to do so. We pleaded that we have two young boys (ages 7 and 4) that we cannot allow to be in the backyard for fear that they might touch the power cord. They said that is too bad, and that it lies in the hands of the neighbor. If he does not pay within the first 30 days, he has another 30 days…this has no clear end in sight.”

CenterPoint, it turns out, did remove the cord after a full month. When we called the wires company, a spokesperson assured us the cord, while it may look dangerous, is a “low voltage insulated power line.”  Representative Alicia Dixon told me that in areas outside of Houston, homeowners actually own the electric lines that are buried underground. If they go out, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have them repaired and buried. CenterPoint describes the temporary low-voltage cord as a “service” they provide to customers. 

If Chris had decided to demand that CenterPoint move the cord off of his property, he would basically be putting his neighbor in the dark.  And basically, that is his right.


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  1. Concerning your item, “Would you want this in your backyard?”, I have a similar situation in my yard. In about August of 2007 Comcast did a cable repair for my neighbors down line from me. The repair was not for my Comcast service which was OK. After the work a large cable was left laying in my backyard. This cable runs from about 15 feet up on a utility pole in the corner of my yard to a similar height on a pole in my neighbor’s yard. I have called Comcast many times since then. They always promise to take care of it but it is still there. They have sent out two different crews to repair it but they were both the wrong type crew. This is (or should be) an arial line. One crew had a compressor for digging a ditch to bury the line but left when they realized it is an arial line. Another man arrived and stated he thought it was for a line to my house instead of a main line cable and they would need a larger crew to install an arial line. My calls do not work! Can you help?

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