Haircut not so “Super”

Mom says hairdresser cut her son\'s head 6 times.

Jamie Trauth emailed me this week with a haircut horror story.  She took her 21-month old son to Supercuts for his second haircut ever. 

Jamie picks up the story from here:

“My son sat on my lap, as the
woman took Clippers to his head. My son was then cut pretty badly. 6
times, bleeding, in total. Her comment to me after pointing this out
was, ” well hes not screaming”. ”

Jamie’s biggest concern was that the woman didn’t stop to put any sort of antiseptic on her son’s cuts. She says the woman also didn’t bother to disinfect her clippers before her next customer.

So what should she do?

File a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. You can do that here:

A spokesperson with TDLR told me you can file a complaint anonymously, but if you’d like to be notified at the conclusion of the state’s investigation to find out what happened, you must leave your name and a number where investigators can reach you.

And yes, they say that hairdresser should have stopped to treat the toddler’s bloody head. The state law spells it out right here:

Cosmetology Rule 83.111. Health and Safety Standards–Blood and Body
Fluids. (New section effective March 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 1280)

(a) Blood can carry many pathogens. For this reason licensees should
never touch a client’s open sore or wound. Powdered alum, styptic
powder, or a cyanoacrylate (e.g. liquid-type bandage) may be used to
contract the skin to stop minor bleeding, and should be applied to the
open area with a disposable cotton-tipped instrument that is immediately
discarded after application.


52 Responses

  1. Bad Haircuts are nothing to laugh about.

  2. This is insane!! I think as a mom I’d probably have been dragged out by the police! WOW. I hope something is done to keep this woman out of another salon. She really has NO business dealing w/ children let alone the public!!

  3. This is simply outrageous. I feel the hair dresser should lose her license. I will not be taking my children to ANY super cuts until something is done, and her response “Well he’s not screaming” would outrage me. I would demand something be done.

  4. THat woman should be reprimanded. It is not only unsanitary, but unprofessional. She could have at least apologized and given a refund.

  5. That is so terrible. That woman should lose her hair cutting liscense!

  6. That is just ridiculous! I don’t think I would have keep my cool if someone had done that to my baby. I don’t get my hair cut at Supercuts, I never will, and I will definitely pass this information along to the rest of my friends and family.

  7. As a stylist myself, I know the state laws. If someone is bleeding you are required to stop and clean the client, Also not cleaning is a serious deal.not that the little boy had anything but what if she did the same thing to a client before the little boy, I feel like she in intitled to some from the company. that is unacceptable

  8. she should SUE!
    No mother should have to worry that their child is going to be hacked up by someone as inconsiderate or ignorant as this hairdresser. Her license should be revoked Supercuts should be sued so should the managers for doing nothing this is NEGLECT. and the fact she didn’t clean the trimmers and cut another child’s hair is disgusting. i am appalled and WILL NEVER take my children there. That hair dresser is a hack and should never be allowed to work in that field again. I am DISGUSTED that that mother had to go through that and they did nothing. they didn’t even attempt first aid. HOW HEARTLESS AND IGNORANT THEY ARE. Shame on you supercuts. But i guess that just means that they don’t care about children which in turn is not caring about families but i guess they don’t need the families to come in and get hair cuts at a discount salon huh? heres to hoping you can survive with out that consumer base huh.

  9. first u take him to the er and Have it In a medical record that This happened Contact a lawyer and Have ur lawyer contact the district Manager and Of course contact the press . the more ur story is out their the more serious they will take it and Hopefully this situation can be avoided so no other child has to ever go through This the company Will get fined and They will have More ppl on the look out to make sure they keep their clippers Sanitary yes ask for compensation and ask for that women s job she shouldn’t have that type of job if she doesn’t know what shes Doing like the poster Above said u cant have her hacking at children .. Don’t waist another min Go to the Er begin the process of getting these ppl Into trouble U paid For their services They Need to worry about the ppl who keeps their Business Running do what u gotta Do and u Cant just let this one slide

  10. How cold hearted can someone be when they cause any bodily harm to a child, especially when it is not intended!! I have been to Super Cuts a time or two and the service is at best sub-pare. But when someone CUTS someone like that, there should be at the least a “I’m sorry” for starters! With a open wound like that the little guy needs at least to be checked for H.I.V. Heaven knows what’s floating around, nor what the sanitary conditions of a place like that is.

  11. This is crazy that someone would do this and not even care that she hurt the child! Let alone not disinfecting her clippers!!! This women should be fired!!

  12. This is just HORRIBLE! The comment and actions they took were completely inconsiderate. I would be extremely angry and hurt if this happened to my child!

  13. i think this woman is despicable! not only did she fail to follow the law, she failed to have the courtesy to apologize and to offer aid to the poor little guy after what seems to be unintentionally harming him! this is abhorrent behavior! she should not be working with the general public with such lack of thought or care for the feelings of others and especially children no less!

  14. wow. that is amazing. the woman just kept on trimming like it was nothing? I would have been beyond furious and left at the first cut. the barber always had booster seats they used for kids haircuts when I took mine to be trimmed.

  15. See, that is exactly why I’m terrified to take my daughter to a salon. She’s only 13 months, but her hair was sooo long when she was born, and grows so quickly, that she’s had 4 haircuts already. But I will only do it myself or with my mom. I just don’t trust some stranger to come at my daughter with a sharp object! And your story has carved my feelings in stone! I am so very sorry that happened to your son, and I hope you get some justice out of all this!

  16. I don’t see how ANYONE could think to keep going cutting a chils hair when you have cut them. Somthing should be done!

  17. omg! i’ll never take my son there now! i would definitely call higher up and complain not only about the incident but also the reactions received from the employees! and it’s awfull that management doesnt even care. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

  18. This so-called stylist hasn’t a brain in her head. You don’t ignore blood, I know there are procedures that must be followed. You don’t ignore a mother telling you her child has been injured, just because there is no immediate response doesn’t mean it never happened. My entire family is hearing of this, they will tell their friends, and so on. It’s not even the accident that angers me, it’s the disregard of safety and lack of empathy that boils my blood. I implore you to track down the manager & stylist and demand answers, not only to get word out of their unsanitary methods but also that they can feel shame equivalent to the pain this mother feels. I can only hope there are grounds for a lawsuit.

  19. The fact that the woman did not administer first aid is appalling. To add to that, she insinuated that because the child was not screaming that her actions were okay. It is deplorable that her manager and the district manager are standing behind her on this and are not aplogetic. They truly do not know how to handle customers. The woman and her child deserve a public apology and at the least a refund. They actually deserve more for the traumatic experience of possibly getting aids. If the woman was that callous with her treatment of a CHILD then i shudder to think of how she might behave with an adult. Of course some people think that it is okay to treat children with disrespect. I for one will never take my daughter to a Supercuts and will tell all of my friends and family, especially the ones that have children. Hopefully Supercuts will realize that they will lose many potential customers and that one should never underestimate word of mouth.

  20. My sister is a beautician and works with children all the time, this woman to have cut this little boy like she did, does not know what she is doing, and should not be cutting hair at ANY salon, EVER!!!

  21. that is RIDICULOUS! she should have the decency to APOLOGIZE! she should be strictly disciplined for that. she has no business cutting people’s hair if she’s going to behave like that. that is unprofessional and dangerous. you should talk to a lawyer and see about suing them. that should at the very least scare the company into firing her and training their employees better.

  22. As a life long customer service employee I am taken aback by the callousness of the hairdresser. There is no way I’d have been calm enough to handle that situation.

    She did the right things so far by ascending the chain of command for that company and contacting a local news station. I would save receipts for any expense you suffered because of her negligence.

    The hairdresser could’ve at the least offered a refund and a couple free cuts (with a completely different hairdresser) to make up for it. Since she couldn’t even muster an apology I would definitely contact the licensing board and see what can be done.

  23. I think it was horrible that the salon didnt even offer up an apology to the mother or even bother to clean her son’s cut. I have a 16 month old and I would have been VERY upset if that would have happened to me!!

  24. This is sickening. As a mother of two I will not be taking my business to Supercuts. There are so many things to consider in this situation; for example, infection, diseases, and improper practices. I would personally like to see this woman lose her hair license and the company heavily fined. What kind of message are we sending if we allow this to happen with little or no ramification? The message we are sending, kids don’t matter or have a voice in these types of situations. Go local 2 News, stand up for our kids!!

  25. Haircut no “Super”
    I believe not only should she file a complaint, but the news should step up and do a newscast on it. Make people aware of it. The lady made a mistake and did nothing to correct it but made a sarcastic comment. Please tell me they didn’t charge her and the manager was very apologetic about it. This is a health cncern.

  26. this should have never happened. my sister is a cosmetologist and when i told her about this she got upset. she said that the woman who cut his hair should have stopped what she was doing to stop the bleeding. she should have never continued doing his hair. it is an outrage. she should lose her license.

  27. i couldn’t believe this crap. she should have stopped cutting his hair when he started to bleed. my sister is a cosmetologist and she won’t cut kid’s hair because she isn’t comfortable with it. i just couldn’t believe it. she should lose her license.

  28. That’s horrible!! Not only that the woman cut him, but that she didn’t apologize afterwards. To me, that’s the worst part, that she didn’t apologize or show any remorse for her actions. I usually take my son to a Supercuts near me, and the women there are always nice, but now I don’t want to support this company. They’ve lost my buisness for good!!

  29. I am shocked at the lack of responsibility by the hairdresser and by Supercuts. In today’s world, you have no idea what kind of diseases people carry in their blood and to continue to use tools that are clearly contaminated is hazardous. I do hope that this hairdresser does lose her license and there is some public apology made to this woman and her son. There is no excuse for this lack of professionalism.

  30. This is horrific. I will not be taking any of MY children to a business that is so dismissive and rude to it’s customers. I hope the hair-cutter loses her job.

  31. I would imagine that the salon and the haidresser could face many code violations. The fact that the hairdresser drew blood when she cut him and refused any medical attention in itself is a violation. The salon manager didn’t offer to help either. So, the business has been notified of their employee’s behavior, they also become responsible. I can only imagine that not sanitizing the clippers or any of her other equipment is also a violation. I am appauled at this salon’s lack of compassion or care and will NEVER use them. It is likely that I will also recommend to everyone that I know that this salon be avoided by friends and family. And to think, a simple apology could have prevented much of this negative attention.

  32. When I first heard of this I was extremly outraged by the cold heart this women must have.. my first thought to the “well he’s not screaming” mortified me. I hope this woman does not have kids of her own. Shame on her for talking to a mother about her child in that manner, shame on her for not being sanitary, and shame on her for not fixing what she did. I HOPE she gets her license taking away. I HOPE she realizes that this is a serious matter and I HOPE that she doesn’t have a chance to do this to my kid or anyone elses.

  33. I can’t believe this! It’s horrible, disrespectful, and for her not to care is very upsetting. I think she should be fired, and have her licence suspended. Nobody like that should be cutting hair.

  34. How unsanitary, inconsiderate, and unprofessional! This poor kid doesn’t looked like he simply got nicked while getting his hair cut but more like he was attacked.

  35. I cannot believe the I couldn’t care less attitude that the stylist had with this little boy. It is hard enough to talk our children into getting haircuts without their being no guarantee of their safety. It scares me to death to think what could have been on those trimmers BEFORE she cut the little boy. I hope that she will be reprimanded for that, there are too many diseases out there for the unsanitary use of tools. I just hope and pray that baby boy (and his momma) that he doesn’t end up with something more traumatic than what he has already had to go through because of carelessness.

  36. This is insane. My son is in dire need of a hair cut, and since seeing this on…it freaks me out, the idea of taking my son to someone who is supposed to be a trusted professional, and having something like this happen to him…. This woman should be fired, fined, lose her license, be sued….this is ridiculous… She could have given this poor child a disease…. If she cut up his neck, and didn’t sterilize the clippers before her next costumer, what’s to say she sterilized them before assaulting this little boy? This is just sad…

  37. As a hairdresser myself, I am embarrassed that people like these exsist! There is no excuse for cutting a child! Even if he is moving, ou learn to move with them, or don’t cut. IF you do cut, you clean it immidiatly and appologize!! Alot! The poor boy, i hope he dosn’t hate hair cuts from now on.

  38. As i hairdresser myself who used to even work at SuperCuts for 10 years myself, i am appaled that people like these exsist! She should never have cut him like that, she should have stopped after the first time, and cleaned him up immidiatly and apologised! That she kept cutting him is so infuriating! I hope the poor boy dosn’t hate haircuts for life.

  39. I would complain to the state agency which licenses hairdressers to start.

    I think I would hit them where it hurts considering they could not even behave in a civil or concerned manner.

    I would let someone from the local newspaper know. If you have local moms’ groups, playgroups, or even Sunday School classes, I would let them know what happened so that they don’t take their children there.

    I would never enter one of their establishments. Both the hairdresser and manager showed poor judgment and a lack of manners. I do not want someone like that around my child, even without injury.

  40. Super my butt! That woman should not be cutting anyone’s hair!
    And her response was the icing on the cake “well he’s not screaming.”
    She would have been after I was through with her!

  41. I have 4 kids and I have never had any woman give them a haircut, that if they started to bleed, “screaming or Not say how sorry she was, and cleaned everything and was very nice about…. This lady needs to be fired!! Does she herself have kids? would that be what she would tell them if they had glass in there eye, well your not screaming so you can’t be hurt! My gosh some people! She needs to answer for what she did, and didn’t do, and she needs to tell the people that she cut hair after that little boy that she didnt’ clean the clippers and there was more than likly blood on them…. That just makes me sick, she’s glad it wasn’t be, the cops would have been called, and I would be the one to call them, before I did something to her.
    best wishes to the little boy in hopes he doesn’t hate haircuts from now on and it doesn’t get infection

  42. Not only is this unprofessional but also down right rude. She should have her licences revoked (and perhaps returned after a reuired class in the proper care and cleaning of cutting tools.).

  43. This is just horrible! That poor baby! And the woman doing the cutting? She should lose her job for being so calous about that whole thing.

  44. I am appalled by the fact that she was not sympathetic to your son or you after this happened. I would be in shock and wanting to do anything I could so the kid would not get an infections. I would have even given you free coupons to make sure you would consider coming back.

  45. OMG i would have went off.. I think i would set up a boycott outside the shop with signs and pictures of my sons badly cut neck.. and make sure they didn’t get any more business..

  46. I would have been very mad, not even an apology and cleaning the wound!!!!!!!! ARG! people like this should not be considered a professional for she certainly is NOT one. it’s one thing to make a mistake but another to not own up to it and take some responsibillity. Maybe being in the public eye, something will be done. Too bad it has to take publicity to get some people’s attention. If nothing else I would most certainly demand my money back and never take my child there again

  47. I was outraged when my daughter got a bad haircut but this story really tops it with actually cutting the child and doing NOTHING about it. I dont know how this woman could just look at the child and say “well he isnt screaming”. I probably would have knocked her out lol. Seriously though, this is ridiculous and something really needs to be done. REFUND IS FAR CRY FROM WHAT THIS MOTHER NEEDS TO BE COMPENSATED FOR!! Hopefully something else can be done as far as legal action goes!!

  48. Get rid of that lady.

    One is a accident, the other five were carelessness. The other workers involved should also be dealt with as well.

    Im just in shock at the slopiness of some employees these days.

    If you dont enjoy your job and dont do it right. QUIT!

  49. My mom has been a hairdresser for many years she would be horrified if she ever cut anyone!! This girl and her supervisors attitude was disgusting!!!!

  50. The hairdresser should lose her license! The mother should explore all avenues to make sure this is known about.

  51. How horrible! My stylist would never do that to a child! I see her disinfect everything (as she should, seeing as how it’s state law). And to not even care that she hurt a little child? That’s awful. I wonder how she would have responded if the child was screaming?

  52. This woman has NO business working with children. She is careless and has NO compassion. Im sickened by the pictures of your little boy, and by her complete lack of compassion!

    Get it in the town paper and write in the opinions section too.

    Never go back and please dont allow anyone to use the electric clipper yet. A nice trim is fine. Try holding his head still if he moves too much. Be supportive to the hair cutter and to your son. Bring the picture of what happened to the next person who cuts his hair and make it clear that you expect her to be very careful. Maybe even ask the manager to cut his hair.

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