Free Help with your Taxes

It’s that time of year again.
Time to drag out all of those receipts and start filling out those long forms in the hopes that Uncle Sam will show you the money!
But if the sight of your W2 makes you wince and you just don’t feel confident filing your taxes yourself, we’ve got help.
The Houston Asset Building Coalition, a Houston non-profit group, has teamed up with the Internal Revenue Service to do your taxes for free.
Anyone who makes $40,000 or less a year qualifies for the help.
You can go to anyone of 26 locations in the Houston area. You just have to call 211 or (713) 957-4357 to ask what location is closest to you.
You can also check out this website for more details on what to bring when you show up:
Last year the group filed for about 7500 people in the Houston area, but this year’s economic stimulus tax refund should have more people lining up for the service. Why? Many seniors and people who collect Social Security or veteran’s benfits no longer file taxes. But this year if you want to receive that tax refund check, you will have to file a return. Not filing is automatically forfeiting your refund that can be up to $600 for an individual to $1200 for a family.
You better get moving!
You have to file by April 15th.

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  1. i can’t wait to see the extra $600 this year, we have a baby on the way and will definitely need the money!

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