No stopping solicitors in Houston

Elizabeth Nguyen is fed up with the little fliers left on her door advertising services and products she’s simply not interested in buying.

She sent me this e-mail this morning:

“Is there a law that will stop solicitors from leaving leaflets/coupons/advertisements at my door? I have tried calling the business (Texas Pizza) and telling them to stop, but each time I call, I get the same excuses. They claim that it is out of their hands and that it is another company they hired to do it, that they have an agreement with the apartment complex, that I have to just deal with it and that it’s not a big deal.”

I did some checking and discovered people who live in Sugar Land have a better chance at stopping solicitors. Sugar Land beefed up its solicitation ordinance in 2005.

They even have a “No Solicitation” registry for home owners. All companies that solicit door to door in Sugar Land must have a permit and can not go to homes on the registry.

In Houston, the best Elizabeth and others can do is post a “No Soliciting” sign on your door. While it won’t necessarily stop all of the annoying fliers and coupons, it may help cut down on them.


One Response

  1. Someone called the cops on my three kids this evening in my own neighborhood. They were selling hand-made aprons to try to teach them the value of work and saving so they could contribute to a family vacation fund. We went no further than 15 houses away from our own doorstep and were stopped within minutes of starting. Absolutely absurd. Left a note for those neighbors asking them to please be civil and talk to us directly if they had concerns. Sigh. I pretty much feel the same way about a lot of other things we don’t/can’t do in America any more, like play dodge ball or (?). What are we teaching our kids when a Sugar Land police officer stops kids age 8, 6 and 5 to tell them their neighbors don’t appreciate their efforts and to leave them alone. AND that they can’t even be told face to face? That all ‘conflict’ must be resolved by cowering behind a phone and a cop?

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