Turkey Imposter Exposed!

All Tom Harper wanted for Thanksgiving was a “Honeybaked” turkey; so he called his local Sugar Land store and ordered one. We’ll let Tom pick up the story from here:

“When I got home, I opened the bag, and guess what: No Honeybaked Turkey!!! They had substituted a Zacky farms turkey instead!!! I called the store using the cash register receipt (which had the wrong number on it) and asked what was going on. They said this is just the way it is!! I requested and got my money back, but this is fraud!!!”

We thought the story sounded a little strange, so I called the corporate office of “Honeybaked” to find out why Tom got stuck with a turkey imposter!

Here’s what I learened: “Honeybaked” doesn’t have a farm. It orders all of its hams and turkeys from other meat suppliers. The only thing “Honeybaked” about a ham is the special glaze the company slathers on. The ham is then repackaged with a nice “Honeybaked” logo.

But the spokesperson told me there is NOTHING “honeybaked” about their turkeys. The turkeys are either roasted or smoked; and they all come from suppliers, like “Tyson”, “Carolina Farms” and “Zacky Farms.”

Something to keep in mind next Thanksgiving… and you may save yourself a few bucks by just buying a Tyson bird at the supermarket.


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