You’re right! It IS illegal

I need to make a clarification to my last post about the Mexican flag flying over the American flag at a local car dealership. I told Mike, the man who e-mailed me that it is not illegal for a business to fly any flag that it wants.

A few of you have since stepped up to side with Mike, and rightfully so.
Shellie Lindsey wrote in minutes ago:
“You mentioned that the Mexican flag being flown is not illegal, which is true, but the gentleman “Mike” who wrote you, stated that “this practice” is illegal, meaning the practice of flying the Mexican flag above the US. It is against the law for a flag of another nation to fly above the US flag in the United States. It may fly at equal or lower positions, but should also be one of similar size. “

I did look it up. Here’s the link to the Federal law:

Landmark says the Mexican flag was larger, but not higher than the American flag. Either way, the dealership apologizes for the unplanned incident.


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