Landmark decision has consumers questioning dealership’s patriotism

“What’s that in the sky?” asked some drivers on Houston’s northside.
Not a bird, a plane… and definitely not Superman. What some folks saw made them “Super” angry!

Mike sent me this e-mail:

“I was traveling to work this am 10-4-07 when I looked and the flying above the american Flag a mexican flag at landmark chevrolet on Interstaet 45N. I was astonished!! Being a veteran I was very disgusted. what is houston becomming mexico? I also know that this pratice is illegal.”


I put in a call to the dealership to ask them why management decided to fly the Mexican flag. It seems you’re not the only one who noticed it. Landmarks’ Operations Manager Don Fullen told me their phones were ringing off the hook when someone unbeknownst to Landmark, replaced a small Mexican flag on the used car dealership lot with a larger Mexican flag that dwarfed the large American flag in the display.

Fullen, a Vietnam Vet, told me “Landmark is sorry” that they “offended anyone.” He said “We jumped on it and got that down in a hurry.” According to Fullen, it all started last weekend. Landmark did put a display on its used car lot with the American flag flying above several smaller flags of other countries of the homelands of many of their customers. Sometime on Sunday, Fullen says someone replaced the Mexican flag with a larger one.

Fullen first found out when he got a call at home at 7am on Monday morning. For anyone who questions Landmark’s patriotism, Fullen pointed out that the dealership has 60 U.S. flags and 60 Texas flags displayed across the front of the dealership. He says they will not put the Mexican flag back up.

As for the display being illegal, that is not true. Any business or person can display any kind of flag they choose. Freedom of speech and expression is one of things that makes our country so great!

And just so you don’t think I’m unpatriotic, here’s my display!


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