Who ya Gonna Call? DON’T call these guys!

You know our help is free right??
Apparently some people are paying money just to send complaints and questions to TV stations across the country.

It’s the ingenious idea of Rick Rahim. He has set up a website called “TVONYOURSIDE,” and for $7.99 he’ll forward your complaints to more than 600 TV and radio stations he claims his company has contacted one by one.

The only problem: I know I’ve never talked to this man or anyone from TVONYOURSIDE and neither have any of my colleagues at KPRC Local 2. We certainly don’t have an agreement with the site. It hasn’t stopped TVONYOURSIDE from listing KPRC among the stations it works with.

Coincidentally Rahim has several other websites. Those sites don’t claim to help consumers. Instead, they teach people how to make money off the web. It states: “Our mission is simple: Create profits.”

Here’s the deal: I get paid by KPRC. I get satisfaction out of helping Houston consumers! When you need help, save the $8 and shoot me an e-mail!


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