A Different Kind of Crunch n Munch

This is what Twila Braxton says she found in her box of Crunch n Munch!

Twila wrote:
“When I got through half the box I put a handful in my mouth and felt something strange, so I spit it out and I found a caramel-covered mice in my hand.”

The mice appear to be coated in caramel just like the popcorn! After Twila lost her appetite.. and probably her lunch too (gross!), she wondered what she should do next.

Here is my answer. And it applies to anyone who finds any type of forein object in a prepackaged food item.

You should file a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration.
Texas’ consumer complaint coordinator will take all of the information and use it to determine if the FDA should initiate a recall. Even if they don’t, your complaint will go into the file of the food manufacturer.
The number to call is (214) 253-5233.

You can also call the manufacturer. Sometimes they will ask you to send them the food product along with the foreign object.  But the FDA says it never hurts to contact their agency as well.. so it can conduct its own investigation.

I asked Twila to please keep us posted on this one. I’d love to hear what ConAgra, the maker of Crunch n Munch and the FDA do with this one.


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