Consumer Tip of the Day

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a space where consumers could also interact and share tips and stories that might help fellow consumers. Today, I got a tip just like that from Erin Porta on the North side of Houston.

“A tip for your viewers about home security: some security providers
automatically sign you up for additional years after your original
service agreement.

It’s on you to remember to submit a cancellation letter to the company
60 days prior to your original contract termination-and don’t expect to
see a reminder from the company!

Under this scenario I have to pay and additional $300 dollars over the
next 10 months to Protect America (Red Rock) for a service that I will
not be using.

Customer Service agents were adamant that paying for a service I will
not use makes perfect sense – after all I “agreed” to it in small type
over three years ago!

Hope this tip saves your readers some money and frustration!”

Thanks Erin for the heads up! I will make a note on my calendar to write my alarm company 60 days before that contract expires.


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