Don’t Fall for Fraudulent Fax!


A local business received this fax and was smart enough to stop and think before immediately responding. We called the Texas Department of Transportation. It confirmed the fax is in fact, not from them. TXDOT has now started an Inspector General’s investigation. If you’ve received a fax like this one, call the Department of Transportation Office of the Inspector General Hotline at 1-800-424-9071. Another attempt by con artists to get your personal information.

Below is the full warning TXDOT is now sending its vendors:


Attention all DOT current or potential contractors and all contracting personnel

Recently, current U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) contractors and potential contractors have received fraudulent letters purporting to be issued by DOT. These fraudulent letters request that current or potential contractors register in the DoD Central Contractor Registration System (CCR). Please be aware that DOT does not require any confidential information to be submitted to verify CCR registration and that all companies should verify personally that they are sending information to an authorized DOT official before submitting confidential company information.

To date there have been two letters. One dated “1st of September 2002” signed by a “John (no middle initial) Duncan, Senior Procurement Officer” and another dated “October 3, 2002” signed by “David J. Litman”. Please DO NOT complete the requested CCR worksheet that is attached to the letter and DO NOT release any information to the facsimile number cited in the letter.

The CCR is a legitimate government system, however to register contractors should go directly through the CCR website not through a third party. There is no requirement to send information directly to DOT. For information on how to register in the CCR, please visit website or


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