Cable Wars

Today is the official first day of the Comcast take-over in the Houston area. The weeks leading up to the switch from Time Warner to Comcast have left my e-mail inbox filled with questions and complaints from consumers, like this one from Sarah:

“I would just like to say that not everyone is happy with how they are treated by Comcast. People with limited incomes, that can only afford Basic or Standard cable are having channels removed from their lineup, with no reduction in payments. It’s a shame that the ones who are on fixed incomes and have to spend most of their day and night at home can’t afford decent programming.”

Big businesses jumping into the cable television industry are hoping to cash in on the Comcast take-over, by getting out the word that Houstonians do have a choice. Comcast is not your only option for cable.

AT&T spokesman Dan Feldstein told me we have AT&T to thank for Comcast’s decision not to drastically raise prices. How can AT&T take credit? Feldstein says AT&T is now offering cable. It’s called U-Verse. To find out how it works and if it’s available in your area, check out this website:

Don’t forget other providers like Verizon and all of the Digital and satellite companies too. There are no shortage of cable options out there. We’ll see in the months to come how Houston consumers like Comcast and if this switch will start an all-out war among cable companies battling for our business.


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