Who dropped the ball?

This e-mail came in this week from Laura. She’s in a bit of a bind.

“I was sent a letter from my mortgage co. at the end of April, stating I needed to provide them with insurance information.
I faxed a copy to my agent. I now receive another letter requesting information again. Contacted agent and was told my policy was canceled at the end of 2005 for non payment. I have escrow to pay insurance and taxes. Now I am not an insurance nor banking person, so can you tell me who is responsible for the dropping the ball?”

It sounds like the mortgage company dropped the ball, especially if you were paying them enough to cover your insurance payments. If the company is not willing to work with you in getting this mess straightened out, you can report them to the Texas Department of Savings & Mortgage Lending. Here’s the link: www.sml.state.tx.us

Have a great weekend everyone!


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